Paris by George V

The covered arcades

Step into the “Paris de la Belle Epoque” and discover some of Paris’ best-kept architectural secrets: “The Covered Arcades”.

Opened in the 19th-century, these beautiful passages contribute to the Parisian heritage. They are mainly found on the right bank of the Seine, near to the Grands Boulevards, in areas that attracted the wealthier classes at the time of their construction. They take the form of galleries covered with a glass roof allowing plentiful daylight to fill the space adding a special effect. These passages were ideal for escaping the city crowds and meeting friends as well as providing a luxurious indoor shopping alternative. Abandoned and later revamped in the 20th-century, a few of them still exist today and are highly-valued by Parisians.

Guests leave the hotel in a private minivan, escorted by Roderick Levéjac, the hotel’s Head Concierge.

The 2h-2h30 visit starts with the Passages Verdeau, Jouffroy and Panoramas, finishing at the famous “Galerie Vivienne”. Guests can enjoy shopping along the way inside the numerous shops, art galleries, and old vintage stores found in the passages.

The tour ends with a delicious hot chocolate tasting in one of the charming cafés typical of the Galerie Vivienne.

This activity is complimentary for all Hotel guests, upon reservation through the Concierge desk.